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Celebrities & Dignitaries

Arranging a Celebrity or Dignitary Visit to the Empire State Building

As an international ambassador, the Empire State Building welcomes celebrities and dignitaries from around the world, offering VIP access and security escorts to the visit.

Pending availability, special guests may be granted exclusive access to the Empire State Building's 103rd floor - the building's mooring mast and highest point in Manhattan not open to the general public - for amazing 360-degree views of New York and beyond.

To arrange a visit to ESB for your client with special VIP treatment and security escort, please contact:

Melanie Maasch
Director of Brand Development and Public Relations
(212) 736-3100, x3314

Licensing & Partnerships

Discover the unique opportunity to license the trademarked Empire State Building image or create a partnership with ESB and your organization.
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Event Space

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Film & Photo Shoots

Memorable films and famous photographs have been shot on location at ESB. Request to schedule your next movie or photo shoot here. Learn More