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What To Do In NYC: Empire State Building Observatory

Get unmatched views of New York and beyond from our world-famous 86th and 102nd floor observatories. Don't miss a visit to the most famous building in the most famous skyline in the world. Buy tickets now and save time during your visit by skipping the ticket office line.

Two Observation Decks

There are two observatories. An open air 360-degree terrace on the 86th floor also contains an indoor viewing gallery for chillier days. Outside, you'll find high powered binoculars and a wheelchair-accessible promenade with the most spectacular views of downtown, midtown, Central Park and beyond.

Sixteen stories up, and almost a quarter mile up in the sky, you can visit the 102nd floor Observatory, the highest public point in New York City. Relax and take in the full 360-degree view in our climate-controlled indoor gallery with comfortable perches.

Buy Tickets   and skip the ticket office line.

Express Tickets get you there even faster

Buying your ticket online lets you skip the ticket office line and go straight to the queues leading to the elevators. To save even more time, we suggest you buy an express ticket and get special priority access, zipping to the front of security lines and past any crowds waiting for the elevators throughout the experience. You'll spend all your time taking in the views instead of waiting.


While there are no restaurants up on the observation decks, there are plenty of great places to grab a bite in our lobby.

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Important Note

The Empire State Building is not in any way affiliated with the street sales agents, who approach visitors outside the building.

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Did you know…

10 Most Photographed Places on Earth

Researchers at Cornell University say the Empire State Building is the most photographed landmark on Earth.

Romance After Dark

Listen to our live saxophone player while you take in the views Thursday through Saturday, 10PM–1AM on the 86th Floor Observatory.