Tower Lighting Request

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Empire State Building Lighting Partner. The Empire State Building receives far more lighting applications from organizations around the world than it is able to accommodate. Lighting requests must be made through

Lighting requests made via, or including, petitions and/or social media campaigns are not considered.

The Empire State Building does not light for political campaigns or personal events.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The Empire State Building is privately owned, has its own selection review procedures and policies, and has sole discretion over what lightings are and are not approved. Its ownership may change those policies at any time without notice.
  • There is no automatic agreement renewal, and past Lighting Partners must apply each year to be considered.
  • The applicant/contact on the original submitted application will receive written notification, stating application approval or denial, on official Empire State Building Lighting Partner letterhead sent via e-mail.
  • The Empire State Building is under no obligation to provide specific feedback to any individual or organization regarding the status, merit and/or denial of its application.

Applications by/for Religious Events or Figures:

The Empire State Building maintains traditional lightings for the religious holidays of Easter, Eid al-Fitr, Hanukah and Christmas. The Empire State Building will not light for religious figures, religious organizations, or additional religious holidays.