Jennifer and Patrick's Love Story at ESB
Jennifer and Patrick's Love Story at ESB

Memories at ESB

Love Comes Full Circle at the Empire State Building

Love is in the air!

Jennifer and Patrick of Port Orange, Florida have quite a love story. From a bucket list trip-turned-proposal to a pilgrimage with their three sons, Jennifer and Patrick have celebrated many a milestone moment at the Empire State Building.

Read more about their love story at the “World’s Most Romantic Building” below!

The Meeting

Jennifer and Patrick attended high school together where they met through a mutual friend. It wasn’t until after graduation that they began to date, and decided to take things to the next level with a move to Nashville, Tenn. 

The Proposal at the Empire State Building

Just before their move to Nashville in late December 2009, Jennifer and Patrick joined friends on a road trip to New York City from their hometown in Florida. The couple explored the city with their friends before they rang in the New Year. After their friends left New York, Jennifer and Patrick decided on one last activity before they headed home – a visit to the world-famous Empire State Building Observatory.

The couple headed to the building bundled up for the winter weather, and Patrick with a ring in his pocket. His proposal plot was nearly foiled by the security check when the family heirloom set off an alarm. Patrick discreetly signaled to the guard that he hadn’t asked yet.

Once they reached the top, Jennifer and Patrick took in New York City’s best views and enjoyed the moment together. That’s when Patrick turned to face Jennifer.

“I knew something was up because he took a few deep breaths and said, ‘let’s just stay here for a moment,’” Jennifer said in an interview.

It was then that he recited a poem and popped the question.

Jennifer and Patrick on the 86th Floor Observatory

The Wedding at the Empire State Building

Two years later, Jennifer and Patrick lived in Nashville and were on the hunt for a wedding venue. Patrick’s mom visited New York City that year when she learned of the Empire State Building’s annual Valentine’s Day Wedding contest. Excited about the opportunity to continue their love story at the building, the couple submitted for the chance to win. Shortly after, they were chosen as one of 14 lucky couples to get hitched at the top.

On Feb. 14, 2011, Jennifer and Patrick returned to the site where their love story began to tie the knot before 20 of their closest friends and family.

Jennifer and Patrick's Wedding at ESB

Happily Ever Empire

Since their epic Empire wedding, Jennifer and Patrick have added three members to their family.  The couple returned to the building twice – once with their oldest son, and then again in 2023 to share their love story with all three of their boys. 

“We brought them to the 86th Floor and got to show them where we got married,” said Jennifer. “We got to the 102nd Floor just in time to catch the sunset over New York City, which was breathtaking. They were really fascinated.”

The kids were so impacted that once they returned home, their son Luke included the family at the Empire State Building alongside the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Turkey in his art class project. 

Cheers to many more memories at the “World’s Most Romantic Building!”

Jennifer, Patrick, and sons at ESB
Luke's Art Project

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