The cast of Percy Jackson on the 86th Floor Observatory
The cast of Percy Jackson on the 86th Floor Observatory

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Step Into the World of “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” at the Empire State Building

“Percy Jackson & the Olympians,” the acclaimed book series penned by Rick Riordan and adapted for television on Disney+, comes alive at the “World’s Most Famous Building” with a brand new “600th Floor” photo corner for fans.

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Set the Scene

The “Percy Jackson” series chronicles the adventures of Percy Jackson, a demigod who unravels his true identity and embarks on a mission to save the world. The books and television series have won the hearts of millions worldwide with their powerful narrative and relatable characters. The Empire State Building holds a significant position in the “Percy Jackson” series as the entrance to Mount Olympus, the abode of the gods. Its towering stature and central location in New York City make it the perfect vantage point for the gods to watch over the mortal world. In the acclaimed book series and television show, the 600th floor of the Empire State Building is a magical gateway that transports Percy and his friends to Olympus.

Visitors to the Empire State Building can soak in breathtaking views of the city from its 86th and 102nd Floor Observatories. These observatories offer unparalleled panoramic vistas, which allow visitors to admire the vastness and beauty of New York City from the center of it all.

Whether you're a “Percy Jackson” enthusiast or simply keen to experience the wonders of New York City, a trip to the Empire State Building has something for everyone.

Percy and Friends Return to ESB

To celebrate the premiere of “Percy Jackson and the Olympians,” the show’s stars Walker Scobell, Leah Sava Jeffries, and Aryan Simhadri visited the Empire State Building Observatory Experience to take in the views from the heart of New York City in December 2023.

The building lit up blue in honor of the show’s premiere on Dec. 20.

The cast of Percy Jackson on the 86th Floor Observatory

Visit the 600th Floor

Fans of the series can now visit the Empire State Building and step into Percy’s world. The entrance to the 600th Floor awaits on the building’s iconic 86th Floor Observatory.

To debut the new photo corner, the Empire State Building and Disney surprised fans with a T-shirt pop-up at the Observatory on Jan. 24.

Percy Jackson photo corner on the 86th Floor Observatory

Whether you're a fan of Percy Jackson or simply fascinated by the allure of the Empire State Building, a visit to this iconic landmark promises an unforgettable experience. Explore its history, enjoy the breathtaking views from its 86th and 102nd Floor Observatories, and immerse yourself in the interactive exhibits that showcase the building's remarkable legacy.

Watch “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” on Disney+.

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