Full moon next to ESB
Full moon next to ESB

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Through Still and Storm: Our Favorite ESB Weather Shots | Empire State Building

Header image by @Triangle_NY

With its iconic silhouette defining the New York City skyline, the Empire State Building is the most photographed building in the world. Rain or shine, snow or fog – no matter the weather, the Empire State Building is a stunning sight. We've rounded up some of our favorite captures of the iconic skyscraper in all conditions!


The Empire State Building is a piece of art in an icy winter frame. 
Photo by @jonathankamensky

ESB's reflection in ice by @jonathankamensky


This image by @peterpraum shows the building enveloped in fog as the antenna peeks out over the top.

ESB tower through the fog


Did you know lighting strikes ESB an average of 25 times per year? This photo by @2ndfloorguy perfectly captures the moment as lighting strikes ESB’s antenna.

red lightning over ESB @2ndfloorguy


A storm moves in over the skyline in this stunning capture with ESB as its focal point.

Photo by @shavnore

stormy weather over ESB by @shavnore

Double Rainbow

Who said New York City isn’t magical? Double rainbows cascade above the Empire State Building after a midday storm.

Photo by @craigsbeds

Double Rainbow over ESB by @craigsbeds

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