Promposal on the 86th Floor Observatory
Promposal on the 86th Floor Observatory

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Uncover Why ESB Tops the List of Best Proposal Spots in NYC

On the hunt for the perfect spot for your NYC promposal? Set your sights on the "World's Most Famous Building." From the panoramic city views to its icon status and reputation as a celeb hotspot, there is no doubt that the Empire State Building Observatory is the best place to prompose in NYC.

Whether you're into grand gestures or a more intimate promposal, the Empire State Building offers ample opportunity to elevate your promposal beyond the ordinary. Learn more about the Empire State Building Promposal package below!

Blueprint for an Iconic Promposal

Let's dive into plans for a one-of-a-kind, memorable promposal with the ESB Promposal package.

  1. Choose a unique spot: Enhanced by its spectacular city views, the Empire State Building brings a bit of romance to your promposal. The 86th Floor Observatory is a prime spot as the city's skyline adds a dash of drama to your special moment.
  2. Timing is crucial: A top-notch promposal requires impeccable timing. Plan your Empire State Building visit during less crowded hours for minimal interruptions and perfect photos.
  3. Add a personal touch: Set your promposal apart with personalized elements. Toast with complimentary sparkling cider and hire a professional photographer to capture the moment and create enduring memories.
  4. Select a theme: Opt for a theme based on shared interests to add sentiment to your promposal. This can be anything from a favorite movie to a cherished shared experience.
  5. Involve family and friends: include your date's loved ones for a surprised twist. Coordinate with them to be present at the Empire State Building to witness your big moment and add a sense of community to the event. 

Use these guidelines to create a timeless promposal at the Empire State Building - the best promposal spot in NYC.


How to Capture the Perfect Promposal Moment

As you consider why the Empire State Building is the best place to prompose in NYC, timing and backdrop for photos are important.

The golden hour, just after sunrise or before sunset, is the perfect time for photography at the Empire State Building. The gentle, warm lighting lends a magical touch to your promposal as the city's skyline serves as a captivating backdrop. The Empire State Building Promposal package offers a private, unobstructed city view on the 86th Floor Observatory to capture your perfect moment and create a smooth, memorable experience.

Customize Your Promposal

Add a personal touch to your Empire State Building promposal to further elevate the moment and turn it into a treasured memory. Are they fans of a certain sport or music? Incorporate their favorite team's colors or their favorite song to show your attention to detail.

A promposal should be romantic and memorable. With a stunning view of the skyline, romantic ambiance, and a personalized visit to the crown jewel of New York City, a promposal at the Empire State Building would truly be unforgettable.

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