When to Visit

You can visit us every day of the year, even on holidays. No two visits to The Empire State Building are alike. Depending on the time, day, or season of your arrival you’ll be treated to a different perspective on the city. Standing on the Observation Deck in the middle of a snowstorm can be every bit as exhilarating as a New York sunset.


Arrive at 8AM when the Observatories open to beat the crowds and start your day off on a spectacular foot.


Walkable from many Midtown attractions, a visit to our Observatories is a great way to break up a day full of sight seeing and shopping. Try to come during meal times to avoid crowds. Don't worry about any wait, our Multi-media handheld device (included with your ticket) will keep you entertained and informed as you go through our Sustainability and Dare to Dream exhibits.


Many are surprised to find out that the Empire State Building is open until 2AM every night, the last elevator up is 1:15AM! A late night visit to our Observatories, whether after dinner or into the early morning hours to catch the illuminated skyline, will be a highlight of your trip. For some real romance, come Thursday through Saturday, 9PM - 1AM to catch our live saxophonist. Yes, he takes requests.