Hero image of the Empire State Building
Hero image of the Empire State Building

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MrBeast Races Up the Stairs of the Empire State Building

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, currently holds the crown as the YouTube creator with the most subscribers, with over 200 million fans tuning into his weekly videos. Known for his elaborate challenges and experimental videos, MrBeast visited the Empire State Building to race up 1,260 ft to the 103rd floor, the highest accessible floor of the building.

Learn more about the epic feat below:

The Top of the Empire State Building
Mr Beast and Casey Neistat at ESB

The Race

Along with fellow YouTuber Casey Neistat, MrBeast was able to complete the climb up all 103 flights in just over 46 minutes. After the daunting stairwell of 1,879 stairs, MrBeast took in the incredible nighttime view from the heart of New York City. MrBeast documented each step of the exhausting journey up the World’s Most Famous Building on his acclaimed YouTube channel. 

Watch the video below:

To take on the challenge yourself, learn more about the annual Empire State Building Run Up here!

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