The Empire State Building offers a comprehensive educational experience for teachers and students. Developed in partnership with Bank Street College of Education, the curriculum provides lesson plans for use by educators or parents taking students on field trips to the Empire State Building Observatory.

These lessons cover all the core subjects and are offered for grades 3-12. Click on the appropriate grade level below to access them.

Social Studies

Students will learn about the different types of workers needed for the construction of the Empire State Building. Through research and discussion, students will come to understand and appreciate not only what a colossal feat it was to build the world's tallest structure in record time, but also the extraordinary teamwork of the men who built it.

Science & Technology

Students investigate a scientific or technological aspect of the Empire State Building and explain how it works.

American History & Geography

Students will contemplate why the Empire State Building means so much to so many people. They will then research the era in which the building was built, the Great Depression, to gain an understanding of why this building is one of the world's greatest success stories.

Resources and Activities